Role: Facebook Ads Manager

Reports To: Director of Media Buying

This position is currently on hold. Feel free to apply and we’ll reach out to you when it reopens.

Want to join our team? From anywhere? Doing what you love alongside a world-class team? Tier 11 is a unique team of high performers who LOVE Facebook advertising (and we think we’re among the best in the world at it).

Our customers are hand-picked quality businesses with great products helping to make the world a better place. Our job is to accelerate their growth with world class managed paid traffic.

Working At Tier 11

We believe Facebook advertising is a team sport (if done well). Every member of our team has a specific role to play to deliver results for our customers…

And delivering results is what we’re laser focused on. Although we work independently and remotely, we function as a TEAM. We’re quick to help each other out, eager to expand our knowledge, and always focused on what our customers need to reach their goals.

If that fires you up then you’ll fit right in!

About This Role

The focus of this role is to build, manage, and troubleshoot Facebook ad campaigns for our customers. You’ll also be managing the infrastructure that powers those ads (audiences, custom conversions, catalogs, etc.). You will work closely with a Tier 11 Media Buyer (the lead on the account) and be a key player in executing strategy.

The ideal Facebook Ads Manager is organized with HIGH attention to detail. Additionally, they are analytical, comfortable with numbers, and a great problem solver.

You should be eager to get your hands dirty in everything from analyzing data, to buiding out campaigns, to updating audiences, and more.

You are free to complete your work from anywhere you choose. The only requirements are a reliable internet connection, a distraction-free work environment, a computer, and a web camera. Although you may live and work anywhere you choose, you will be required to attend some regular meetings during US-based business hours.

The wins for this role look like this:

  1. Facebook ad campaign construction and maintenance
    1. Know the Tier 11 SOPs inside and out for building campaigns to specifications
    2. Able to take verbal and written direction from Media Buyer and translate into a properly set up campaign meeting specifications.
    3. Develop and maintain a complete knowledge of (ever changing) Facebook tools for building campaigns, audiences, conversion tracking, and other tools used in delivering results for customers.
  2. Facebook ad analysis
    1. Complete understanding of all available numbers in the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard.
    2. Mastery of interpreting numbers as it relates to real world traffic flows in a campaign.
    3. Ability to spot problem areas in a campaign and bring them to Media Buyer’s attention
    4. HIGH reliability and attention to your campaigns under management.
  3. Organized Team Player
    1. Able to prioritize and execute tasks independently without dropping any balls.
    2. Clear written communicator.
    3. Clear video communicator.
    4. Document task outcomes and work done to keep the team in the loop

Our results-based approach to work at Tier 11

Our interview process is designed to allow you to demonstrate your expertise and skill level. Expect to do some fun, different stuff along the way!

There are some regular business hours obligations (especially in the beginning while you’re training), but otherwise, you’re free to manage yourself once you demonstrate your ability to deliver results.

Little Details

  • This is a part-time position to start, but we hope you’ll want to be full time with us soon.
  • You will be providing your own computer & internet access to complete this work.
  • This is a 1099 contractor arrangement. If you’re not in the US just ignore this part 🙂
  • Tier 11 does not currently offer medical or retirement benefits. If you need them, then we’re not ready for each other yet 🙂

To Apply

Want to join our team? The first step is a simple assessment so we can get an idea of your current level. This should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Take The FB Ads Manager Assessment Here

Once you’re finished give us a couple (business) days to review the results and get back to you.