Ralph and Molly are back with Part 2! Now that you understand Facebook’s ad delivery system, it’s time to explain what that means for your ad copy and creatives.

In this episode, we explain the 3 types of ads that currently work best with Facebook’s algorithm. We’ve included downloadable ad examples in the slides below that Molly will use to show how she creates ads that drive engagement and get favored in the algorithm.

Episode 191: How Facebook’s Ad Delivery System Works: Part 2


  • Native ads—ads that fit in with the Facebook newsfeed—currently have the highest social proof
  • Molly breaks down the “Offer” Facebook ad strategy she uses to promote a docu-series and how she’s received 10,000+ shares and 22,000+ reactions on the ads
  • Molly talks about the “Conversation” Facebook ad strategy and how it can help you writes ads that create conversations and increase the social proof through user comments on the ad
  • Molly explains the “Tell A Story” strategy that she and Ezra Firestone use and why it has a high share-to-comment ratio


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