Episode 413: 22 Questions Every CMO Must Ask When Hiring an Agency or Internal Team – Part 2


To build an in-house marketing team or to hire an agency? It doesn’t matter. With these top tips, you’re guaranteed to work with the top marketing experts in the space right now. 

On today’s episode, Ralph continues the discussion on questions to ask when hiring external agencies or building an internal marketing team. He breaks down the final set of questions that will propel your marketing to the next level and help you recruit a top-shelf team.

The best way to grow a business is to ensure you’ve got the right people in the right seats. So whether you go for an outsourced agency or build an internal team, always go for quality and competence. It doesn’t make sense to have the right tools and the right road map, but lack the right talent.

Join Ralph as he goes through the key steps to creating a competent marketing team and the questions to ask if you are to avoid the common pitfalls around building a marketing team.

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  • The key questions to ask when building a marketing department from scratch
  • Reactive versus proactive marketing
  • Stats and data on the relationship between CMOs and marketing teams
  • Why the primary job of a CMO is to minimize mistakes
  • The benefits of hiring role-specific specialists
  • How to build a team around your content marketing goals
  • The most important questions to ask when building a marketing team
  • The uninspiring relationship between CMOs and CFOs

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