Episode 218: 5 Facebook Plays Working Best Right Now

Today we’re sharing the 5 Facebook plays working best for Molly right now.

These plays are the strategies she’s using to scale traffic and acquire more leads and customers for her clients. Molly explains which businesses should use each play based on the product they’re selling, who should see each play (cold and/or warm leads), and shows us client examples for each of the 5 plays.

EP218: 5 Facebook Plays Working Best Right Now


  • Play #1: Direct To Product Page used on specific avatars that are ready to purchase
  • Play #2: Presell Articles, used for cold traffic to build up the desire for the product
  • Play #3: Direct to Lead Magnet, used to capture lead’s information
  • Play #4: Direct to Free Video Series, to convert cold leads into subscribers
  • Play #5: Dynamic Product Ads, for cold and warm traffic


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