Episode 439: 8 Steps to Black Friday Success with Kobi Topaz


If Black Friday is all about crazy discounts, why are you still putting out 10, 20% discounts?

On today’s episode, Ralph talks to Kobi Topaz, the advertising assassin and head of performance at Tier 11. Kobi shares fresh insights and updates into what it takes to win new clients and crush your competition in this year’s Black Friday Cyber Monday(BFCM). As Kobi explains, BFCM is a land grab for new clients. However, it’s almost impossible to attract anyone with 20% off when everybody else is giving out 60% plus in discounts.

Listen in as Kobi drops knowledge bombs on creating BFCM deals that you can put together and execute an irresistible, profitable, and creative campaign for the biggest shopping season of the year.

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  • Preparing for Black Friday, Cyber Monday
  • Tips for BFCM discounting
  • This week’s nugget: How to slaughter your competition this Black Friday
  • How to create irresistible BFCM offers
  • Creating offers for both acquisition and retention
  • Why BFCM is a land grab for new customers
  • Technical aspects of running Black Friday ad campaigns
  • How video view campaigns negate the impact of iOS14
  • Early bird guide to Black Friday



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