In this episode, we have return guest Nehal Kazim, here to explain how to use Facebook’s CBO feature.

As the founder of Ad Pros, Nehal has hit the ground running to figure out how to use campaign budget optimization before Facebook made it mandatory in September 2019. He talks about how he initially starts a campaign, what scale looks like with CBOs, and the pros of dynamic creatives.

EP219: Breaking Down Campaign Budget Optimization with Nehal Kazim


  • What mistakes Nehal was making in his CBO campaigns and how he found success by testing the number of ad sets
  • Why Nehal uses a $1,000 budget to scale fast when a campaign does well and pause quickly when it doesn’t
  • How to target: Start with open targeting, move to interests with 10M+ and interest with 20M+, then lookalike audiences that are 10% of your highest intent audience
  • How Nehal turns off CBO campaigns and overcomes the effect it has on other ad sets

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