Episode 441: Creating Multi-Million Dollar Businesses That Matter with Giovanni Marsico


How would things change if you were to deliver results before getting paid?

On today’s episode, Ralph and Kasim sit down with Giovanni Marsico from Archangel to talk about building community in your business – the little-known secret for driving tons of traffic. As Gio explains, the worst thing you can do for your business is run it like a vending machine. Too often, businesses are built around a single transaction; you get what you want, we get paid, and we’re done. You see, we are a hyper-connected generation. And while people might come to you for the transformation, they stay forever for the community.

Listen in to learn the power of building community in your business and why the true potential of customers is not with the number of customers you attract, but with the depth of engagement.

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  • Why community is the most powerful thing in business
  • This week’s nugget: The PS pitch
  • Gio’s counterintuitive approach to marketing
  • The one thing you must do to constantly over-deliver in your business
  • How Gio got Seth Godin to speak at his first event
  • Stop running your business like a vending machine
  • The first step to building community in your business
  • The four currencies of a successful business
  • How to double your pricing overnight



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