Episode 382: Dennis Yu’s System for Getting Clients in 2022


This prolific content creator has been coming up with evergreen marketing strategies for 25 years. And he literally gives them away for free.

On today’s episode, co-hosts Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam sit down to chat with Dennis Yu, founder of Blitz Metrics and the most generous marketer in the world (according to Kasim). Dennis gives away content like “grannies handing out Costco samples.” When Kasim was an infant in the digital marketing world, Dennis spent an hour on the phone with him and showered him with free, life-changing advice. And he shares something with PT listeners that he’s never shared before—his secret to creating high-authority, meaningful, well-produced, prolific content with important people, without taking up a ton of time.

Listen in for some powerful strategies that could literally change the way you do marketing. 

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