Episode 209: Here’s How Rick Barker Launched Taylor Swift’s Music Career on Social

We know you’ve heard of Taylor Swift—but you may not have heard of the person who helped her rise to fame: Rick Barker.

Rick is a music industry legend. He’s the former manager of Taylor Swift and now teaches everything he’s learned about digital marketing in his online courses and books. Rick talks to Ralph and Molly about his content marketing secrets, how he’s utilizing paid traffic, and what it was like launching the career of one of the largest pop stars in the world.

Episode 209: Here’s How Rick Barker Launched Taylor Swift’s Music Career on Social


  • How Rick landed the job as Taylor Swift’s manager without any management experience
  • Rick’s strategy of treating each platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) like its own venue
  • The 3 content strategies to abide by: talk to your audience, show up every day, and create valuable content
  • The right way to ask your warm audience to watch your content and subscribe to your profiles (without asking them to subscribe)


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The Millionaire Messenger: Make a Difference and a Fortune Sharing Your Advice
The Product Launch Workshop | Jeff Walker
The Music Industry Blueprint Podcast
Rick Barker’s Music Business University
Social Media For Music
Rick’s Website
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Rick on Facebook
Rick on Instagram
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