We don’t have to tell you there’s a huge opportunity to grow your business on social media these days. You already know that—what you want to know is, HOW?! In this episode, DigitalMarketer’s Senior Social Media Manager Shannon Goodell joins us to talk about DigitalMarketer’s social media strategy. We hear about DM’s social media priority list, how Shannon hit the record for most engagement across DM’s socials EVER, the CPC range she looks for with boosted content, and so much more.

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How To Scale Your Agency To $100K per Month (And Beyond)
Work with Tier 11
Conversion Fanatics
WP Engine
How does the Facebook Crawler work?
Facebook Lookalike Audiences
Sprout Social
Facebook Creator Studio
Instagram Caption Maker
How do I use hashtags on Instagram?
DigitalMarketer on Instagram
DigitalMarketer on Twitter
DigitalMarketer on Facebook
Ryan Deiss on LinkedIn
DigitalMarketer on LinkedIn
Shannon on LinkedIn

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