Episode 183: How Facebook’s New Campaign Budget Optimization Tool Can Get You Leads Faster

If you have been paying attention to Facebook’s newest campaign options, you may have noticed the campaign budget optimization tool (CBO). This week, Ralph and Molly discuss how you can use it for your own campaign.

Molly walks through a CBO campaign she launched that created 40,000 leads. They talk about her strategy, her ad spend, and how she was able to scale the campaign faster with CBO than she had been able to previously without the feature, and how all of this can help you grow your own campaign.


  • What the CBO tool is and how using it will help grow your campaigns and business
  • How CBO created 40,000 leads for Molly’s 27 ad set campaign with a $1,000 daily budget
  • Why CBO should be used on ads that have been tested on Facebook before


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