Episode 407: How to Market in a Recession


Do you have plans to help your business survive the possibility of recession? If you are a clear-thinking business owner, it would be best to prepare for the worst.

On today’s episode, Ralph and Kasim talk about the prospect of an impending recession and how marketing agencies can survive — and even thrive during a market downturn. 

Financial experts are continuously buzzing about the threat of an impending recession. And while time will tell if we’re truly headed toward a recession, preparing your business can help ensure your business’s survival if things suddenly go south. 

Join us as we go through strategies you can use to prepare your agency for a recession, stay afloat, and come out stronger if all hell breaks loose. 

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  • What is a recession, and can it be a good thing for the economy?
  • Is the recession coming, or we’re already in one?
  • What marketers can do to cushion themselves against a recession
  • How to reposition your brand to take advantage of a market downturn
  • The benefits of always having an emergency fund
  • Why you need to bolster existing client relationships during a recession
  • How ramping up your marketing may help you survive a recession

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