Episode 436: Important Black Friday/Cyber Monday Tips | Sneak Peek with Savannah Sanchez


What are you doing with your marketing to prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

On today’s episode, Kasim sits down with Savannah Sanchez, a world-leading authority on TikTok media buying, to discuss marketing ideas to help you conquer Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday – two of the most important shopping days are quickly approaching. Smart marketers know the best time to start driving more traffic to your website is a month in advance. Why? Because the closer you get to the biggest shopping season of the year, the more you’re going to pay for advertising. 

Tune in to discover some super-digestible tips on preparing and taking advantage of the busiest shopping days of the year.

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  • How to prepare for Black Friday (BF) and Cyber Monday (CM)
  • Using TikTok for BF Prospecting
  • The best time to launch a Black Friday marketing campaign
  • Why Meta sites are exceptional for running BF and CM retargeting campaigns
  • The future of holiday marketing
  • Are Black Friday deals still effective?
  • Why Google rarely drives results for BF and CM 



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