Episode 432: Lessons from a Reality TV Icon with Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty (Part 2)


Want to know how to build an exciting personal brand in a few easy, actionable steps?

On today’s episode, Kasim sits down with former TV personality and serial entrepreneur Willie Robertson to talk about Willie’s biggest failures, successes, and the key elements of building a strong personal brand. 

Willie believes authenticity is the answer to credibility. Gone are the days when people admired a person’s “ever-polished” image and over-rehearsed presentation. As a marketer, putting up an ultra-polished persona is the quickest way to lose trust. And people don’t buy from people they don’t trust.

Tune in to hear Willie share what Kasim calls the ultimate masterclass to building an authentic personal brand. 

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  • How the Duck Dynasty was born
  • The role of authenticity in personal branding
  • Willie’s biggest successes and failures 
  • Why you need to embrace the possibility of failure
  • Ways to invite opportunities into your life
  • How to differentiate yourself in a competitive market
  • Side note: how to raise your kids the right way

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