Episode 202: Merging the Worlds of Facebook, Google, and Amazon Advertising


Two marketing worlds collide as Ralph talks with returning guest Brett Curry, CEO of OMG Commerce, about marketing on the top ad platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google, and Amazon.

Based off a shared client, Ralph and Brett have realized just how well Facebook and Instagram ads work with Youtube and Google ads. Ralph has seen a 10x (PLUS!) increase in ad spend and Brett has increased his Google spend to 3x. Their client is seeing a serious ROAS, and in this episode, they’re going to show us how to get the same results.

Episode 202: Merging the Worlds of Facebook, Google, and Amazon Advertising


  • What attribution to strive for when using Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram campaigns together
  • Why you should use top-level ad platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) for consumers that aren’t aware of the problem your product solves
  • Why to use an in-market audience, a custom intent audience, an affinity audience, demographic targeting, and contextual targeting—and when to use all of them
  • The 3 questions Brett asks when creating campaigns—what’s the nature of the product, what’s the budget, and what assets do we have access to?
  • How Brett approaches cold traffic vs. his retargeted audience
  • The foundation of a great cold traffic video campaign—90 to 180 second length, a hook in the first 5 seconds, fast-paced, benefit oriented, testimonials, and a strong call to action
  • Who you can and can’t retarget on Google depending on how long they’ve viewed a video—the billable point for different video lengths
  • What to know about advertising on Amazon and why marketers are calling it a “Marketer’s Dream”

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