Episode 388: Ralph’s on META’s Podcast?! He explains how he used META to build a business and a life!


What are the biggest challenges facing marketers today, and how can you navigate through/innovate around those challenges? 

Today’s episode is a replay of Ralph Burns’s guest appearance on the Meta Business, Innovation, and Technology podcast with host Jordan Rogers-Smith. Being on the show was definitely a big honor for Ralph, but—let’s be honest—Meta was lucky to have him. Jordan asked a lot of insightful questions, and Ralph’s answers were brilliant. They talked about everything from attribution and iOS updates to humans vs. technology to the biggest fundamental changes in the Meta platform over the years. Ralph explained why he wouldn’t start a marketing agency in 2022, and reminisced about his first-ever Facebook ad that cost $3000 and got him zero leads or sales.

Listen in for an insightful conversation between two really smart guys about the past, present, and future of marketing. 

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  • Why IG ads didn’t work for Ralph’s agency at first (and why they do now) 
  • How technology fits into the future of creative in this ecosystem 
  • The easiest way for a business to get started with advertising on Meta
  • 2 things humans still do better than technology 



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