Episode 417: TikTok Ads 101: 5 Killer TikTok Ad Hacks with Savannah Sanchez


TikTok advertising is pretty straightforward: Don’t make ads – make TikToks.

On today’s episode, Ralph and Kasim sit down with Savannah Sanchez, a TikTok media buying and Ad creative expert, to talk about advertising on TikTok. The platform is growing like a weed, and according to Savannah, the future of advertising lies on the platform. But what about Google and Facebook? Well, TikTok overtook Google as the number one domain on the internet, and Facebook is not as sexy as it used to be. If you want to succeed on TikTok as a marketer, don’t create ads. Users detest ads that disrupt their experience. Solution – creatively embed ads within the content in a way that won’t disrupt the fun and enjoyment of Tiktok.

Listen in for some intriguing insights on how the TikTok ad algorithm works, what you need to get started on TikTok advertising, and how to create a TikTok ad that gets you noticed.

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  • The foundations of TikTok advertising
  • TikTok is here to stay – advertisers need to take notice
  • How to create ads that get you noticed
  • Differences and similarities between TikTok and Facebook ads
  • How to not get priced out of TikTok
  • TikTok ad placement and optimization
  • How to use TikTok’s comment section to drive engagement
  • Mistakes to avoid when creating TikTok ads



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