Episode 450: Using Text-To-Image AI to Expedite Your Creative Process with Patrick Gilbert


AI-generated art will transform marketing creatives forever; here’s how you get in on the action while the concept is still fresh. 

On today’s episode, Ralph and Kasim sit down with Patrick Gilbert from AdVenture Media Group to continue their discussion on digital advertising in the age of AI and automation.

Think of everything you would be able to achieve with your creatives if you could turn imagination into art. With text-to-image AI tools, you simply describe what you want, and AI brings it to life. Tune in to hear Patrick reveal the type of tools that make this concept a reality, where to find them, and the things to watch out for when using them. 

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  • Why marketers must learn about AI-generated art
  • How to use AI tools to create marketing creatives
  • Using AI to explore new creative territory
  • Drawbacks of AI-generated art
  • Using AI to feed the creative-hungry Performance Max
  • AI-generated art is the future of creative development
  • How effective is AI-generated art

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