Episode 421: What’s Working Now in Facebook Advertising with Kobi and Ralph


The Tier11 team successfully lowered a client’s cost of acquisition by 50% and increased their call volume by 4X. How did they do it?

On today’s episode, Ralph welcomes back Kobi Topaz, the advertising assassin and head of performance at Tier 11. Kobi shares fresh insights and updates into CBOs, TikTok Ads, and a case study where they lowered a customer’s cost for acquisition by 50% and increased their call volume by 4X. It wasn’t a fluke, nor was it without a few hiccups. Fortunately, the client was patient and super cooperative. Sometimes you only need to take what’s already working and tweak it a little bit to get the intended results. 

Listen in as Kobi drops knowledge bombs on what it takes to turn around a sinking campaign and get your clients the desired results.

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  • The best way to test campaigns: ABO Vs. CBO
  • TikTok advertising updates
  • How TikTok ads perform on Facebook and Instagram
  • Dealing with clients when your campaigns are barely moving the needle
  • Ways to correct a failing campaign
  • Retargeting ads and doubling down on what’s already working
  • The power of plain and simple messaging



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