Episode 216: Your Facebook Advertising Questions Answered, Part 2

This is Part 2 of our Q&A with Ralph and Molly!

In this episode, our hosts, and marketing geniuses, answer your questions via Molly’s Facebook group. Ralph and Molly talk about why you should focus just as much on your objective as your hook and creatives, Instagram’s like-removal test, and how they use campaign budget optimization (CBO).

EP216: Your Facebook Advertising Questions Answered, Part 2t


  • Why to use catalog sales and conversion objectives at every level of your funnel
  • Ralph & Molly’s take on Instagram’s like-removal test
  • The recommendation of 3–6 ad sets and 2–6 live ads/ad set when using CBO
  • How to use broad targeting on Facebook to find your audience in Australia
  • Ralph & Molly’s meditation, exercise, and supplement routines


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