Episode 18: Achieving High-Quality Leads and Improved Conversion Rates


Welcome to the Customer Acquisition Show! Today we’re diving into the latest and greatest strategies for acquiring customers with the help of our Google team. We’re delving into the power of customer avatars and how they can be used to precisely target specific audiences for maximum impact. We’re also exploring the potential of GPT in sparking new and innovative ideas for your customer acquisition efforts. Additionally, we’re discussing the rapidly evolving world of smart buildings and how Google is working to streamline the learning process and drastically reduce the time it takes to reach performance milestones. And lastly, we’re emphasizing the importance of tailoring your messaging to align with your customers’ unique pain points and priorities in order to elicit the desired response. Join us as we uncover the latest and most effective customer acquisition tactics.

Topics Covered: 

00:00:00 Welcome to The Customer Acquisition Show

00:06:04 Navigating Advertising in a GPT Chat Environment

00:07:30 Leveraging the Benefits of Interacting with a Helpful Assistant

00:12:09 Overcoming the Blank Page Problem with Tweeting

00:14:09 Analyzing Market and Data for Exceptional Execution

00:17:27 The Importance of a Feedback Loop in Google Ads

00:21:01 Accelerating Performance in the Early Learning Phase of Google Ads

00:22:54 The Transformative Impact of Smart Shopping on Performance Maximization

00:26:32 Increased Sales During January and February in Niche Markets

00:30:51 Google’s Solution to Performance Issues for Legion in 2021

00:31:25 The Pitfalls of Using Legion

00:38:01 Understanding Your Customers to Leave a Lasting Impression

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