Episode 10: Ad Traffic Levels Explained


What is the most important question to ask when building a new marketing campaign?

Hint – it’s not “what am I selling?” or “features and benefits.” Yes, these are critical questions that need answering. But as a marketer, the most important question to ask is, “who are my customers and how aware are they of the problems I’m trying to fix?” Only then can you create messaging that will most likely generate the greatest results.

In today’s episode, Tom Meridith sits down with Ralph Burns, Aaron Crocker, and Rachel Hoxmeier to discuss ad traffic levels and how marketers can use the “5 levels of customer awareness” to create successful marketing campaigns.


00:00 Introduction

00:54 Ad traffic levels: the foundation of all marketing campaigns

02:50 The 5 levels of customer awareness 

05:04 How to engage with prospects at different levels of awareness 

07:53 Empathy is a marketer’s most important trait

11:10 Customer problems are markets, and solutions are products

13:37 Target specific markets with customized ads

15:45 Before you sell, understand the 5 levels of awareness

18:10 The two main types of messaging in every ad copy

23:20 How to target “Solution Aware” customers

27:00 How to present the benefits and uniqueness of your product

30:00 Elements that make your marketing claims more believable

33:46 Ways to communicate the value of your product

37:09 Hardest level in the 5 levels of traffic

40:50 The 5 levels of awareness in one piece of messaging

43:50 The basics of awareness-level copywriting

45:21 Understanding the levels of customer intent 

48:41 Marketing success is all about trial and error

51:30 What is a Trojan Horse video?

56:00 What to do with a non-performing ad

58:10 Parting thoughts 



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