Episode 17: Cold Traffic Conversion 101: Expert Strategies for Maximizing Sales and ROI


Hey there, digital marketers! In this episode, we’re going to be discussing a common tactic that you might have learned in your marketing studies: building a list of names and emails to retarget cold traffic. But what if that’s not really the goal of your business? No worries! We’ve got some alternative approaches to cold traffic that you might find more beneficial. And to really boost those sales, we’ll be talking about how to increase your conversion rate. Want some ideas? How about adding some customer testimonials, trust factors, or offering payment through PayPal? And when it comes to your thank-you page, why not make it super content-rich with links to articles, podcasts, and even a Facebook group for customers? All of these strategies can help increase trust and show rates for your business. Let’s get started!

Topics Covered: 

00:00:00 The Customer Acquisition Show: Acquiring Customers and Enhancing Lifetime Value

00:01:50 Expanding Customer Acquisition Beyond Just Pressing a Button

00:07:48 Growing a Business is not a One-Step Process

00:10:55 Increasing Book Calls and Revenue Through Cold Traffic: A Case Study

00:15:27 Using Traffic Harmonizer to Create Targeted Messaging for Customers

00:18:07 The Power of Testimonial Mash-ups: A Case Study on Creative Content

00:24:48 The Customer Acquisition Amplification Framework: A Guide for Deployment and Marketing Basics

00:26:49 Tracking Conversion Events for Ad Success

00:29:26 Optimizing for Conversion Thresholds with Increased Ad Spend

00:31:43 Tune in Next Time for a Case Study and More Tricks

00:35:54 Deep Dive Research and the “Dog and Pony Show”

00:38:59 Extreme Commitment to Achieving Goals

00:45:58 Alternative Approaches to Cold Traffic for Digital Marketers

00:47:41 Improving Lead Quality Through Follow-up After Conversion

00:53:16 Enhancing Trust and Show Rates with a Content-Rich Thank You Page

00:58:43 The Customer Acquisition Amplification Super System: A Framework for Advanced Marketing Strategies

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