Episode 9: Discover The Benefits Of Performance Max For Long-term Success!!


What to know how to get the most out of Performance Max? Here’s some news for you: how Performance Max is supposed to work is completely different from how it actually works.

Even with Google’s Performance Max set to celebrate its first anniversary, many marketers still don’t know how to get the most out of it. You see, Performance Max is not a magic bullet that you deploy and all your problems disappear. It’s amazingly powerful, but it was designed to complement keyword-based search campaigns across all of Google’s advertising channels.

In today’s episode, Tom Meredith sits down with members of Tier 11’s Google Advertising Division to answer some of the more pressing questions about Performance Max, how it compares to other campaigns, and how to use it to unlock new audiences and drive results.


00:00 Introduction

00:56 Biggest takeaways from P-Max since its launch

04:17 Understanding what not to do with P-Max

06:02 Why you should never follow Google recommendations on how to run ads

07:50 How Google ads are supposed to work versus how they actually work

10:26 P-Max’s inability to target specific locations

11:55 Flawed assumptions about P-Max campaigns

14:25 Focusing on the right metrics for Google ads

17:45 How to settle on the right conversion events for Google Ads

20:20 Can you use P-Max to increase a customer’s lifetime value?

23:54 How to run P-Max and Google search ads simultaneously

26:45 Reasons why you need to optimize your site

28:22 Use SEO and P-Max together to become unstoppable

30:46 The death of video display keyword targeting

34:14 How to split your budget for P-Max and search campaigns

35:00 Assets and Creatives For Black Friday, Cyber Monday

42:07 Never change things that are already working

43:30 Parting thoughts



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