Episode 14: Why Meta Told Us to Spend LESS Money


This episode of the Customer Acquisition Show discussed how a customer was spending too much time in the conversion phase of their customer acquisition path and not enough in the awareness and consideration phase. Meta showed data that proved that this is the strategy moving forward, and that it is important to consider awareness as well as consideration when rethinking an overall strategy. The customer was able to get CPMs at a dollar for their consideration campaigns, but their conversion campaigns were around $30.00 with a combined blended CPA that was scaling and growing. To take the next step toward growing your customer base, visit Tier 11 for more information on how to optimize your customer acquisition path strategy.


00:00:47 Competition Heats Up: Rising CPAs Reveal Shocking Advertising Strategies

00:01:18 Company Reevaluates Customer Acquisition Strategy After Unusual Spending Habits Revealed

00:01:48 Maximizing Advertising Dollars: Capturing Video Views And Retargeting For Conversion

00:03:08 Tier 11 Sees CPMs Drop After Implementing High Value Content And Retargeting Strategy

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