Episode 54: Full Funnel Breakdown: Where Your Strategy is Leaking


We dive into the dynamic interplay between innovative marketing strategies and the evolving landscape of user-generated content. The team from Tier 11 takes you through the nuances of creating compelling product pages that resonate with consumers, the art of leveraging UGC to amplify brand messaging, and the psychological intricacies involved in marketing high-ticket items. We explore the creative approaches to advertising that break through the noise, from fitness models to space-saving digital gyms, and the importance of diversifying content to avoid limiting a brand’s reach.


  • 00:00:00 – The Psychology of Scents: Citrus vs. Menthol’s Impact on Memory and Attention
  • 00:02:12 – Twizzler vs. Red Vines: East Coast vs. West Coast Delight Debate!
  • 00:05:33 – Product Mystique: Crafting Engaging Product Pages for Customer Connection
  • 00:06:30 – Fit and Fearless: Former CrossFit Champion Redefines Home Workouts
  • 00:09:38 – Millennials’ Solution: Portable Floor-mounted Devices for Compact Living Spaces
  • 00:11:23 – Confidence Building: Leveraging UGC and Tailored Ads for Enhanced Product Pages
  • 00:14:27 – Tailored Fitness: The Power of Specialized Training Programs for Results
  • 00:16:32 – Goldmine Potential: Lifetime Value and Partnerships in the Fitness Industry
  • 00:19:26 – Citrus Scents vs. Menthol: Memory Enhancement Beyond the Ordinary
  • 00:24:07 – Standing Out in a Crowded Market: What Sets Our Ads Apart
  • 00:25:07 – Blog Posts’ Potential: Seizing the Opportunity for Effective Advertising
  • 00:27:35 – Unforgettable Advertising: Creating Memorable Images that Resonate
  • 00:32:32 – Unconventional Approach: 10 Boundary-Pushing Ad Ideas
  • 00:35:55 – Irresistible Hooks: The Art of Intriguing Product Page Design
  • 00:37:20 – Targeted Language Magic: Maximizing Conversions for Quick Buys and Extended Purchases

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