Episode 15: How AI Took Over Google Ads in 2022 and What’s Coming Next in 2023


This episode discusses the use of an app called Captions and how it can help create titles for videos. The group then goes on to discuss how to use audience targeting in performance marketing, and how it can be used to improve the performance of campaigns. He then talks about how Google Ads has changed this year, with the introduction of Universal Analytics and GTA4. He also mentions that Google no longer creates expanded text ads, and now allows for 15 headlines and four descriptions in each ad. Finally, he talks about how using Universal Analytics can be beneficial for those who want to do their own research.


00:00:00 Adapting To Change And Learning From Teammates: My Experience With Machines As Friends And Enemies

00:06:39 Maximizing Performance With In-market Audiences

00:15:17 Google Ads Performance Max: Goodbye To Digital Marketing In 2022

00:16:46 Lack Of Time For Small Business Owners To Keep Up With Rapid Changes

00:21:09 Conversion Farming: A Feedback Loop For Website Value

00:26:31 Maximizing Performance For A Strong Finish In 2022

00:31:26 Google’s Big Change In Data Management And Targeting

00:34:31 Google’s Ability To Identify Intention Behind Search Improving

00:37:58 Decreasing People’s Use Of Channels For Improved Clarity

00:42:27 Maximizing YouTube Potential With Data Analysis

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