Episode 19: Marketing to the Heart: How to Satisfy Consumer Desires and Boost Sales


In this episode of the Customer Acquisition Show, we delve into the world of digital dating and how businesses can leverage platforms like Tinder and Match.com to connect customers with their perfect match. We also take a closer look at one of our most successful clients, Christian Mingle, and the innovative strategies they use to achieve their goals of fostering romance and relationships. Additionally, we examine the seminal book “Breakthrough Advertising” and how its insights can help you turn even the most unfamiliar prospects into loyal, repeat customers and drive growth for your business.

Topics Covered: 

00:00:00 – Selling to Desires: The Art of Marketing Products that Satisfy Consumer Needs

00:02:51 – Understanding Consumer Desires: How Romance and Status Needs Drive Purchasing Decisions

00:04:55 – Fulfilling the Need for Tranquility: How Insurance Companies Can Meet Consumer Demands

00:06:30 – Creating a Market: How to Tap into Mass Desire to Boost Your Product’s Success

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