Episode 41: Maximizing ROI with Crucial PPC Metrics


In this episode of The Customer Acquisition Show, Tom and Nick dive into the world of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) metrics. They discuss the importance of understanding and improving these metrics for successful digital marketing. Nick emphasizes the significance of not just focusing on numbers, but understanding the behaviors behind them. They also discuss the importance of setting and meeting customer expectations throughout their journey. 


  • 00:00:00 Kickoff: Unraveling Crucial PPC Metrics with Nick Miller
  • 00:04:43 Google Ads’ ‘New Customers Only’ Feature: A Game Changer
  • 00:05:51 The Future of Google and Facebook Ads: Metrics and Brand Traffic
  • 00:08:03 Decoding Impression Share in Search Shopping Campaigns
  • 00:12:54 The Truth Behind Google’s Ad Strength Rating
  • 00:13:46 Automated Headlines and Ads: The Next Big Thing in Google Advertising
  • 00:16:56 Success Metrics vs Click Through Rate: What Matters More?
  • 00:21:35 Balancing Google’s Data-driven Attribution with User Privacy
  • 00:25:01 The Power of Click Through Rates in YouTube and Google Ads for Retargeting
  • 00:27:42 Quality Over Quantity: The Role of Clicks and Conversions in Advertising Metrics
  • 00:33:14 Google Ads’ Game-Changing Update to Attribution Models and Metrics
  • 00:37:40 The Impact of Data Regulations on Businesses: Leveling the Playing Field

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