Episode 11: Optimizing Your Customer Acquisition


Do you believe in your marketing strategy? Can it double a client’s revenue and increase their booked calls by 230%, all in less than 3 months? 

On today’s episode, Ralph breaks down a recent case study where they helped a coaching client increase their booked calls by 230%, drop the cost per booked call by 54%, and grow their revenue by 107%, all in less than 3 months. The framework they used is what the guys over at Tier 11 use to help businesses scale, grow and enhance a client’s long-term value.

Tune in to hear Ralph share how he used the Customer Acquisition Amplification(CaAMP) to attract and convert more customers and what you can do to drive similar results in your business. 


00:00 Introduction

01:30 Client profile and the goal of the campaign

02:07 Deep dive research and why it’s important

03:29 How the Creative Lab can help fix your messaging 

04:58 Creating messaging that resonates with your ideal client avatar

05:51 How to uncover the real goal of your ad campaign

07:33 Effective ways to increase show-up rates on booked calls

09:55 The effectiveness of testimonial mashup videos

12:10 The beauty of using the Customer Amplification Framework

Links and Resources:

Ralph’s LinkedIn

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