Episode 22: Performance Meets Creativity: Developing a Successful Strategy


Discover the key to growing your business on the Customer Acquisition Show! Host Tom Meredith and the Tier 11 team share their insights and strategies for turning strangers into repeat customers. Learn about the importance of a customer-focused approach, using data and feedback to drive strategy, shifting your mindset, and creating top-of-funnel educational content. Plus, hear their creative techniques for getting people to take action and building trust with customers. Join us for all the insider tips to grow your business!


  • 00:00:00 Get Insights into the Latest Creative Strategies on the Creative Team
  • 00:05:03 Discovering the Thrills of Creative Design: A Unique Way of Thinking
  • 00:07:43 Uncovering the Secrets of Successful Creative Strategies in Marketing
  • 00:10:11 Unpacking the Psychology Behind Creative Advertising and Marketing
  • 00:12:37 Staying Ahead of the Game: Navigating Constant Change in the Digital Age
  • 00:14:45 Taking a Break: Eye Fatigue Relief with a Glimpse of the Outdoors
  • 00:20:28 Revitalizing Your Ads: How Often and How Long Should You Refresh Them?
  • 00:23:06 The Benefits of Keeping Your Creative Fresh and Relevant
  • 00:26:30 B2C vs. B2B: Emotional vs. Functional Marketing Approaches
  • 00:27:48 Understanding Your Customers’ Needs in B2B and B2C Markets
  • 00:32:02 Optimizing Performance with Aligned Media Buying and Creative Teams
  • 00:35:44 Maximizing Results with Collaboration and Proactivity in Performance Marketing
  • 00:38:25 Crafting Strategy for Different Levels of User Generated Content
  • 00:44:15 Experimenting with Hooks for Video Content: Problem, Solution, and Call to Action
  • 00:49:34 Gaining a Comprehensive Understanding of Company Operations for Effective Strategy Development
  • 00:51:53 The Peace of Mind of Having a Plan: A Creative’s Viewpoint
  • 00:56:20 Balancing Work and Home Life for a Better Life/Work Experience

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