Episode 25: Ralph’s Top Tips for Leading a Virtual Agency


In this episode of the Customer Acquisition Show, Jeff Mask interviews Ralph Burns, the founder of a digital marketing agency and author of the book Virtual Boss. The conversation centers around leadership and how to effectively lead virtual teams. Ralph shares his personal experiences transitioning from doing the work to leading people to do the work, as well as insights from his book on how to build trust with employees and create a culture of growth and development. The discussion also touches on the importance of clear communication in virtual settings and the distinction between managing numbers and processes versus leading hearts and minds. Overall, this episode offers valuable insights for anyone looking to improve their leadership skills in a virtual environment.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • 00:00:00 – My journey from failed ventures to successful online marketing
  • 00:02:55 – How my manuscript evolved from a failed sales management training program
  • 00:04:15 – Creating and selling a sales management training course after years of delay
  • 00:09:46 – The flawed system of leadership and the value of Pat Book
  • 00:11:50 – Turning failure into success in online marketing
  • 00:14:43 – Recognizing the need for change and choosing to lead
  • 00:16:44 – The push to publish a book during Covid-19
  • 00:17:15 – The importance of a supportive partner in business and adapting to change
  • 00:19:11 – Virtual leading: A guidebook for first-time managers
  • 00:22:57 – Building trust in leadership and its importance
  • 00:24:52 – Trust building through mistakes in fast-growing organizations
  • 00:27:05 – The power of trust and intentionality in leadership
  • 00:29:50 – Navigating performance-based relationships in business
  • 00:31:36 – Motive matters: The importance of helping people with the right intentions
  • 00:34:12 – Emojis in written communication: Why they matter in business
  • 00:38:54 – Every day is Friday: The mindset shift that transformed my business

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