Episode 35: ROI Unleashed: Harnessing the Power of Conversion Architecture™ in Your Ads


In this episode of The Customer Acquisition Show, Tom and Maria share strategies for effective ads and landing pages to improve customer acquisition and retention. They emphasize specific landing pages for different issues and the importance of congruent messaging. The hosts discuss the 15-second funnel check for clarity, and the impact of invisible features on customer experience. Authentic customer engagement and ongoing optimization are also highlighted as key factors in successful campaigns.


  • 00:00:00 – Understanding Bounce Rate and Its Limitations
  • 00:03:20 – The Complexity of Advertising for Non-Experts
  • 00:04:24 – Importance of Human Element in Marketing Website Design: Challenges in Identifying Pain Points
  • 00:08:43 – Importance of Targeted Landing Pages for Effective Online Advertising
  • 00:09:46 – Strategies for Creating Effective Ads and Landing Pages
  • 00:12:24 – Importance of App to Landing Page Congruity in Targeting Different Awareness Stages
  • 00:16:44 – Maria’s Conversion Architecture Commandments
  • 00:19:19 – The Importance of Customer Experience in Marketing Strategy
  • 00:23:14 – The Importance of Invisible Features on Landing Pages
  • 00:27:08 – Discussion on Unethical Advertising Practices and Importance of Customer Experience
  • 00:29:32 – Importance of Authentic Customer Engagement and Timing of Optimization Strategies
  • 00:32:52 – Importance of Website Maintenance for Higher Conversion Rates and Factors to Consider when Updating It
  • 00:35:08 – Popular Website Builders and Analytics Tools Discussed
  • 00:37:57 – Vanity Metrics to Avoid: Why Focusing on Quick Sales Wins can Hinder Business Growth
  • 00:40:17 – Importance of Customer Journey in Website Architecture
  • 00:44:27 – The Importance of Platform Compatibility in Business

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