Episode 12: The Secrets to Lifelong Customers: Understanding the Need for Customer Acquisition Amplification


What marketing framework do the guys at Tier11 use to successfully manage $100M in annual Digital Ad spend?

On today’s episode, Ralph Burns and Tom Meredith break down the Customer Acquisition Framework (CaAMP). Tom explains that search algorithms are really good at finding the right people for your business. You just have to feed them the right content – and that’s where CaAMP comes into the picture. 

Tune in to hear the duo reveal how they use CaAMP to get more customers, increase their lifetime value, and drive business revenue. Remember, to succeed in marketing, you need a robust and multi-funnel strategy. Platforms evolve quickly, and short-term “hacks” won’t cut it if you want to stick around long-term. 


00:00 Introduction

02:00 The fundamentals of the CaAMP framework

03:21 Nugget: The love sandwich and the power of testimonial videos

07:09 The birth of the CaAMP framework

09:49 The hardest parts to crack in the 7 levels of awareness 

13:31 How many times should you ‘touch’ a potential buyer?

14:32 Why organic and paid search should always work together

16:38 CaAMP is all about raising awareness for your products or services

18:19 The continual evolution of the CaAMP framework

21:29 Linking the levels of customer awareness to your marketing goals

26:55 The Creative Lab and what it’s all about

28:44 How to give your customers reasons and opportunities to buy

31:01 The Traffic Harmonizer and why it’s so effective

33:40 The main idea behind the Customer Acquisition Show

35:09 Conversion architecture and after the click optimization 

37:06 Understand that every good offer has a shelf life

41:35 Parting thoughts

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Customer Acquisition Amplification


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