Episode 31: Unlocking New Customers with Non-Brand Search and A/B Campaigns


On The Customer Acquisition Show, Tom and Olha discuss a range of topics related to marketing and customer acquisition, providing practical advice for business owners and marketers. They stress the importance of selling and educating customers, connecting CRM to Facebook and landing pages, and utilizing media buying strategies with traffic harmonizers. The hosts also cover A/B campaigns, Facebook’s target audience approach, effective e-commerce retargeting, and engaging with customers post-purchase to retain them. They offer tips for maximizing audience size through interest combining and creative testing, highlighting the importance of iteration and creativity in marketing. 

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • 00:03:53 – Sell and educate customers for successful product launch
  • 00:06:07 – Optimize client onboarding process for clear expectations and mindset shift
  • 00:12:32 – Understand customer motivations for improved sales strategies
  • 00:18:22 – Connect CRM to Facebook and landing pages for business success
  • 00:22:03 – Implement traffic harmonizers for e-commerce store success
  • 00:27:09 – Use non-brand search to bring in new audience
  • 00:29:23 – Engage with customers after purchase for product benefits and retention
  • 00:33:34 – Use effective e-commerce retargeting strategies
  • 00:36:35 – Test creative during challenging times for marketing success
  • 00:40:50 – Importance of creativity and iteration for marketing success
  • 00:44:10 – Kill ineffective Facebook ads for improved advertising performance

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