Episode 7: Why UXO is Better Than CRO in Performance Marketing


What exactly is UXO and what is CRO — should marketers even care if they’re similar or not? 

User Experience Optimization (UXO) has, for far too long, played second fiddle to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Although they are both important players in any digital strategy, UXO is essential for increasing conversations and improving usability. Yes, you want your leads to move down your funnel quickly. But there’s nothing worse for your conversions than a user struggling to perform critical actions on your website.

In today’s episode, Tom Meridith sits down with Maria Dobreva to discuss the difference between a CRO and UXO and which is more important in performance marketing. Maria is a funnel specialist and lead of the Conversion Architecture Department at Tier 11. 


00:00 Introduction

00:40 Maria’s origin story and her journey to Tier 11

03:21 What is a Funnel? 

05:29 A customer-focused way of managing funnels

07:36 The difference between a CRO and a UXO

08:48 How to fit UXOs into your conversion goals

11:55 Understanding UXOs and CROs from a value perspective

12:39 Using UXOs to support your customer retention activities

14:09 Improving user experience though accessibility, usability, and efficiency

17:04 What it means to have an efficient user experience 

20:08 The first step to designing the perfect user experience

21:19 Designing user experiences for different age groups

24:25 Writing copy from a UXO point of view

28:17 How UXO fits into the broader conversion architecture

30:44 Maria’s definition of an offer

31:41 Closing notes



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