Episode 565:  AI: The Future Is More Predictable Than You Think with Perry Marshall


The Future of AI: Predicting What Stays and What Goes


In this episode of Perpetual Traffic, hosts Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam welcome special guest Perry Marshall, a renowned expert in internet marketing and advertising. Perry is known for his forward-thinking approach and his ability to predict trends in the digital landscape. In this conversation, they discuss the future of AI and its impact on various industries. Perry shares his insights on the Lindy Effect, the power of questions, and the importance of adaptability in the age of AI.

The Lindy Effect: Identifying What Will Endure

The conversation begins with a discussion on the Lindy Effect and its relevance in predicting the future. Perry explains that the Lindy Effect states that the longer something has been around, the longer it is likely to stay. He applies this concept to various aspects of human life, such as sitting at chairs and tables, eating with utensils, and consuming beverages. Perry argues that these fundamental aspects of human existence are unlikely to change in the future.

Applying the Lindy Effect to AI and Technology

Perry extends the application of the Lindy Effect to the field of AI and technology. He points out that while the future may seem unpredictable, it is easier to determine what will stay the same rather than what will change. By focusing on what has endured throughout history, such as the need for travel or the use of maps, Perry suggests that we can make more accurate predictions about the future.

Reshaping Industries: From Travel Agents to Digital Agencies

The conversation then shifts to the impact of technology on various industries. Perry highlights the disruption caused by the internet in the travel industry, which led to the decline of travel agencies. He draws parallels between travel agencies and digital marketing agencies, suggesting that the latter may face a similar fate in the age of AI. However, Perry emphasizes that the need for marketing and advertising will not disappear; it will simply evolve.

The Future of Digital Agencies in the Age of AI

Perry predicts that AI will reshape the digital marketing industry, leading to the decimation of traditional digital agencies. However, he also believes that new opportunities will arise as a result. He encourages marketers to think beyond the current landscape and consider the equivalent industries that emerged after the disruption caused by the internet. By identifying the enduring aspects of marketing, such as the need for effective communication and storytelling, marketers can adapt and thrive in the AI era.

The Power of Questions: Curiosity and Adaptability in the AI Era

Perry emphasizes the importance of curiosity and adaptability in the age of AI. He suggests that the ability to ask questions and think critically will become increasingly valuable as AI technology advances. Perry draws parallels between philosophers and AI engineers, highlighting the importance of mental models and unique perspectives in solving complex problems. He encourages individuals to embrace the power of questions and leverage AI technology to find innovative solutions.

Embracing the 90-10 Rule: Thriving in an Unequal Digital Landscape

The conversation concludes with a discussion on the 90-10 rule, which states that 10% of companies have 90% of the business in the digital landscape. Perry explains that technology has amplified the inequality in the business world, with a small number of companies dominating the market. He encourages individuals to strive for the top 10% by embracing their power, agency, and curiosity. Perry believes that those who adapt and evolve will be more powerful than ever before, while those who resist change will struggle to keep up.


In this thought-provoking conversation, Perry Marshall provides valuable insights into the future of AI and its impact on various industries. By applying the Lindy Effect and embracing curiosity and adaptability, individuals and businesses can navigate the changing digital landscape and thrive in the age of AI. The key takeaway is that while AI may disrupt certain industries, it also presents new opportunities for growth and innovation. By staying ahead of the curve and leveraging the power of technology, marketers can position themselves for success in the AI era.