Episode 562: The 13 Tools Every Digital Marketer Cannot Live Without


The Ultimate Guide to Scaling Your Business: Top Tools for Marketing Professionals


Welcome to the perpetual traffic podcast, where we share cutting-edge strategies to help marketing directors, CMOs, and business owners get more leads and sales. In this episode, hosts Ralph Burns and Kasim discuss their recent experiences and share insights from the Driven Mastermind event. They also dive into the topic of AI-powered tools that can enhance your marketing efforts.

Personal Anecdotes

Ralph and Kasim share their personal experiences of spending time together and taking a break from their busy schedules. They discuss Kasim’s wife, Jennifer, and her success at a conference, highlighting her ability to close deals and make money working less.

Post-Purchase Surveys

The hosts emphasize the importance of post-purchase surveys for attribution and understanding where customers come from. They recommend two tools, KnoCommerce and Shopper Approved, that can help businesses collect valuable data through post-purchase surveys. These tools provide insights into customer behavior and help improve marketing strategies.

Tools for Agencies

The hosts introduce High Level, a tool specifically designed for agency owners. They discuss its benefits, including access to clients’ Facebook, Google, and TikTok assets through one link. High Level streamlines the process of checking ad accounts and allows agencies to create effective marketing plans for their clients.

Content Creation Tools

Canva, a popular tool for creating visual content, is discussed in detail. The hosts highlight its features, including the Magic Studio, which uses AI to generate short videos and optimize content for different platforms. Canva’s versatility and user-friendly interface make it a valuable tool for marketers.

AI Video Creation Tools

HeyGen and Synthesia.io are two AI-powered tools that simplify video creation. HeyGen uses AI to generate videos with customizable avatars, while Synthesia.io allows users to create videos using their own avatars. These tools are particularly useful for marketers who want to create engaging video content without extensive video production skills.

Social Media Management Tools

Metricool and Opus.pro are two tools that streamline social media management. MetrCool offers social media scheduling and analytics features, while Opus.pro specializes in creating short-form videos. These tools help marketers effectively manage their social media presence and engage with their audience across different platforms.

Lead Magnet and eBook Creation Tools

Designrr.io and Content at Scale are two tools that simplify the creation of lead magnets and eBooks. Designrr.io allows users to easily create visually appealing lead magnets and eBooks, while Content at Scale helps repurpose existing content into valuable resources. These tools enable marketers to generate high-quality content that attracts and engages their target audience.


In this episode, Ralph and Kasim discuss a range of AI-powered tools that can enhance your marketing efforts. From post-purchase surveys to content creation and social media management, these tools offer valuable features that streamline marketing processes and improve customer engagement. By leveraging AI technology, marketers can optimize their strategies and achieve their business goals more efficiently. So, explore these tools and take your marketing strategy to the next level with AI.