Episode 215: Q&A With Ralph and Molly

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We’re doing things differently in this episode.

Episode 215 of Perpetual Traffic is AMA-style, dedicated to YOUR questions. Molly and Ralph fill you in on the upcoming Facebook shift to campaign budget optimization, how to get people to go from blog reader to buyer, and the two objectives you should be testing your campaigns with.

Episode 215: Q&A With Ralph and Molly


  • What to know about Facebook’s campaign budget optimization (CBO) and how to prepare for its official launch in February 2020
  • Molly and Ralph’s suggestions to get blog visitors to sign up for a consultation—give away your best content for free, have visitors segment themselves, make it a seamless experience with automation, and use a video sales letter
  • How to test the regular conversion objective versus the value-based conversion objective


About Campaign Budget Optimization

About Value Optimization

About Conversion Optimization for Facebook Ads

Train My Traffic Person

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