In this episode, Chris and Nick Harder, the men behind the For The Love of Money Podcast and Masterclass, join Molly Pittman to talk about the Instagram growth strategy that has grown Chris’ profile to 171,000 followers.

Chris, Nick, and Molly talk about how to choose the social media platform best suited for your business, what new entrepreneurs/businesses need to do to stand out on social, and the well-kept secret of Instagram brokers.

Episode 193: The 5-Step Social Media Strategy with Chris & Nick Harder


  • What to look for when products aren’t selling the way you predicted—are you trying to just make money or are you genuinely trying to provide value?
  • The 5-step process to Chris’ social media strategy, including increasing the authority of your profile and creating content that is shareable, which helps build your audience and grow your following
  • How to get verified on Instagram through a 6 to 9 month strategy of pitching and being featured in large publications


Chris on Instagram
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For The Love of Money Podcast

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