5 Examples of Facebook Ads and Why They Work


When it comes to winning the ad game on Meta, one of your biggest levers is your creative execution. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and produce the same ad over and over again, leading to stagnant results and a drop in reach, conversions, and revenue. 

The only way to cut through the results plateau is to change something with either your creative and copy, or with your post-click experience. In this blog, we’ll explore five Facebook ad ideas you can implement this week to break the monotony and find your next winning ad. 

All Great Ads Start with a Solid Creative Strategy

Before you can implement, it helps to stop and rethink your creative strategy. Do you have one? Watch this video from the Tier 11 team to get a behind-the-scenes look at how to develop winning creative strategies. From talking tools of the trade to examining human psychology, the team will cover every aspect of crafting the perfect ad creative. 

From there, you’ll be well-positioned to create winning ads like the ones you’ll see in this blog post.

Some tips from the video:

  • Use lots of inspiration. Rachel Hoxmeier, a Creative Strategist at Tier 11, says, “I use a lot of inspiration from Abobe live streams, Behance, Effortlessly, Facebook ads library, and Pinterest to get me in the mindset to be creative.”
  • Use Facebook Groups for Creatives. “I’m in different creative groups where the goal is to post stuff they’ve made and ask for feedback. Look at the feedback given and think about the reasoning why people might do something.”
  • Go Native: “I’m spending a lot of time scrolling. I’m thinking a lot about what things look like natively,” says Daniel Green, our Marketing Content Lead.
  • Use UCG: “User generated content is what’s working now. You want it to blend in as much as possible.” – Rachel
  • Go Text-heavy: “Text-heavy images seem to be working better. Like, 80% text.” – Rachel


A type of image ad that uses a written testimonial as a text overlay to an image or graphic. 

Example 1: The “Collage Trick” Ad

What: In this ad style, we take static images and transform them into a collage. 

Why it Works: “This looks more authentic and not “sales-y” like other ads.” – Kobi Topaz, Tier 11’s Head of Performance

Implementation Ideas from the Team: 

  • Collage images of customers with the product
  • “Textimonial” Quote Mashup
  • Play with border colors to see which works best

Example 2: Stacking Customer Testimonials

What: We combined “textimonial” quote graphics with ad copy that references specific numbers and results. 

Why it Works: “This ad leverages social proof and specificity heavily, which creates more trust than baseless claims.” – Lynn Swayze, Tier 11 Ad Copywriter

Example 3: The “Post it Note” Creative

What: We created sticky notes using text from our top performing headlines and copy hooks, then took nice photos of them. 

Why it Works: “It’s outside the box of what ad creatives normally look like, and so catches the eye.” – Kobi Topaz

Implementation Tips:

  • Try different handwriting styles, post-it note colors, and design placements

Example 4: “Native-Like” Ad

What: We came up with ad creatives featuring blocks of color with text that looks like Facebook’s native posting capabilities.

Why it Works: “I noticed lots of organic posts on Facebook using the text post feature where you write bold text on one of Facebook’s pre-designed color backgrounds (you see a lot of these in FB groups) and I find they really catch your attention.” – Cameron Campbell, Tier 11 Media Buyer

Implementation Tips:

  • Play with different background colors and texts

Example 5: The “Authority Ad” Play

What: An ad featuring a quote from an authority that the audience knows, likes, and respects. The body copy was for an offer related to showing up in your community as a leader.

Why it Works: “It looks native, and when paired with compelling ad copy, this ad works.”

Implementation Tips:

  • Leverage a quote from an authority that’s referencing your product
  • Try different authority quotes and see what works. Your personas will value different authorities.
  • Be sure to check the copyright before you publish

Now, it’s Your Turn

Try implementing one of these creative ad strategies in your next ad campaign on Facebook and let us know how it goes. Even one of these strategies could very well be your next control-winning paid ad.