The Three Ways Conversion Architecture™ Maximizes Your Ad Spend


If your ad campaigns aren’t stretching as far as they should, then chances are, throwing more money at the problem likely isn’t going to help. At this point, your options for improvement fall into three buckets of fixes: 

  • Optimizing your ad creatives
  • Optimizing your ad campaign setup and tracking
  • Optimizing your landing page/after-the-click experience

While Tier 11’s Customer Acquisition Amplification (CaAMP) methodology addresses all three, the area where you’ll see the biggest lift is in what we call Conversion Architecture™. 

Conversion Architecture™ Means After-the-Click Optimization 

What is Conversion Architecture™? Conversion Architecture™ is our tried-and-true approach to improving your conversion results AFTER someone clicks on your ad—by aligning and optimizing your messaging, creative pillar focus, offers, branding, and tracking. Our expert team optimizes your offers, your funnel pages, and your emails for maximum conversions – especially for mobile. 

The result? You’ll get higher conversions at every stage of your funnel. . . resulting in more revenue out of each and every dollar you put into pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

In this article, we’ll share three ways our Conversion Architecture™ program maximizes your ad spend across all platforms. 

“Four years ago, we trialed Conversion Architecture™ with three different customers and scaled their ads from low five figures to six figures in all the cases. We also increased their average order value (AOV), allowing them to spend more on ads and scale their business. That’s when we knew that Conversion Architecture™ fits like a hand into a glove with great media buying. Conversion Architecture™ picks up the baton and helps customers scale their ad spend. We believe every business has the right to be wickedly successful online, and that can’t be done without Conversion Architecture™.”

Conversion Architecture™ Benefit #1: Lowers Your CAC 

The first way Conversion Architecture™ maximizes your ad spend is by lowering your cost of acquiring a customer, aka your “CAC.” Your CAC is one of the key metrics every business should track, whether you’re an ecommerce store, a high ticket coach, or a provider of professional services. 

But just what is CAC? CAC is the amount of investment it takes to acquire the average customer or client. This number should be less than the amount of revenue (calculated in the form of AOV and LTV) the average customer brings into your business. 

CAC = Total Marketing Cost / Number of New Customers

While properly optimized PPC ads will bring in a steady stream of leads at an affordable CAC, optimizing ads isn’t enough if you want to make the most of your ad spend. And that’s where Conversion Architecture™ comes in. 

Poorly optimized websites and funnel increase your customer acquisition costs by introducing ad-to-page misalignment, poor page speeds, a bad mobile experience, and other buying friction which impacts the sale… causing you to spend more money to get sales than if you had a great post-ad buyer journey. 

We’ve seen time and time again that one of the best levers for continuing to optimize ROI and to scale ad spend (and your business) is by addressing the performance further down the funnel.  

Which brings us to benefit number two…

Conversion Architecture™ Benefit #2: Creates a Positive User Experience (that generates repeat business!)

The second way Conversion Architecture™ helps maximize your ad spend is by generating higher customer lifetime value (LTV). Without Conversion Architecture™, you may have a modestly converting funnel with a poor user experience or underutilized followup, causing your customers to be less likely to do repeat business with you. Instead, customers will meet their ongoing desire with a competitor. 

LTV: Avg. Order Value (AOV) x Avg. Number of Purchases x Avg. Customer Lifespan

If most customers only buy once or twice, then your customer lifetime value (LTV) is limited to the cart value of those few purchases. When this happens, you risk relying only on your Average Order Value (AOV), aka your cart value, to generate enough revenue to exceed your CAC, rather than relying on repeat business to improve your LTV and generate revenue for each dollar you spend on ads… at scale. 

In this unfortunate scenario, you’ll have to spend more ad budget on acquiring new customers when you could’ve gotten more sales from existing customers for far less. 

Even worse, a poor user experience will eventually make its way to social media, especially if you’re an ecommerce brand. Disgruntled customers are very quick to share their negative experience’s, causing damage to your business’ reputation and impacting your CAC. Imagine people flooding your ads comment section with their negative experiences! 

Conversion Architecture™ Benefit #3: Optimizes Speed to Sale

The third way Conversion Architecture™ helps maximize your ad spend is by improving the speed to sale. In ecommerce, many buyers go from desire to sale within 60 minutes; to maximize your ad spend, you need to ensure that your customer:

  • Sees your ad quickly
  • Finds your ad compelling enough to click on
  • Sees exactly what THEY want to see within 30 seconds on your page
  • Finds your proof, imagery, price, and call to action compelling enough to add to cart
  • And ultimately, purchases a product on your site 
  • …and that’s just the beginning of their customer experience (see Benefit #2).

Which means, all of these important pieces need to be completely in alignment if you want to scale your spend and improve your return on ad spend (ROAS). 

With Conversion Architecture™ in place, you’ll be able to take advantage of the momentum that made someone interested in your ad in the first place. We do it through optimizations to user experience (UX), mobile page design, page speed, offers, and calls to action to deliver a highly functional and conversion-friendly customer experience from start to finish. 

How a High Ticket Info Marketer Improved Their Application Rate from 12% to 21% within 90 Days

When a high ticket info-marketer faced declining opt-ins and sales, they knew they needed an after-the-click expert to turn the ship around. They chose Tier 11 to get the job done.

We immediately got to work, performing deep research and optimizing the copy and design of their existing opt-in funnel to match what their ICP needed to take action. We also optimized their ad-to-landing page alignment and overall funnel congruence. 

The project was a success. They saw a significant increase in both the opt-in and the click-to-purchase conversion rates, but that’s not all! Their sales to application page rate improved from 12% to 21% and their click-to-purchase conversion rate improved from 7.4% to 10%! This combination allowed them to reduce ad spend while maintaining profitability. 

That’s the power of CaAMP + Conversion Architecture applied to high ticket sales funnels.

Does Your Funnel Need Conversion Architecture™? 

In almost all cases, businesses that aren’t seeing results like they used to, or have hit a wall with optimizing their ad campaigns, are most in need of offer and funnel optimization. Quality traffic is harder to come by, so the traffic you do get needs to see the most compelling offer possible. What worked even a year ago won’t cut it today. 

Click to speak with a member of our Growth team about Conversion Architecture. We’ll discuss your business goals, look at some of the numbers, and help you decide if after-the-click optimization via Conversion Architecture™ is the missing piece you need.

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