Meet the Tier 11 team

  • Ralph Burns


    Taking your business and life all the way to "11". 

  • Deacon Bradley

    VP Operations | Data Processing Officer

    Optimizing everything from business operations to household chores.

  • Angela Ponsford

    Account Director

    Team Nurturer + Data Nerd + Strategy Implementor = Kickass Results For Your Business.

  • Mike Lambert

    Customer Success Manager

    YOUR goals are MY goals... and I always reach my goals. My favorite question is "what can we be doing better?".

  • Vanessa Vega

    Sr. Media Buyer

    I accelerate YOUR business through the Ads Accelerator™.

  • Jenny DuRose

    Sr. Media Buyer

    I scale Facebook ads and brew beer... and I'm all out of beer.

  • Viktoriya Dolomanova

    Media Buyer

    Scientific thinking, creativity, and a passion for data... with a pinch of Russian accent.

  • Rita Ainsworth

    Media Buyer

    Organizing and simplifying things is a passion of mine. And I can scale your account like a badass.

  • Amy Neely

    Ad Manager

    Amy is a Tier11 Media Buyer. She loves juggling the psychology, data, and art of Facebook ads in order to guide businesses to their next level.

  • Kobi Topaz

    Ad Manager

    I'm not afraid of your "wanna" competitors, I'm here to "KO" your goals and scale your business to ELEVEN.

  • Danielle Greason

    Media Buyer

    Turning the dials to maximize results and constantly focused on campaign refinements.

  • Farhan Zaveri

    Ad Manager

    Numbers and uncovering opportunities are my forte. A killer combo to help me scale your business to 11.

  • Vlad Gonzales

    Ad Manager

    The mind behind the Michigan Method™... and some top secret scaling methods I can't tell you about.

  • Jana Gonzales

    Ad Manager

    You can throw any task at me and I’ll get it done with a smile on my face! Including spying on competitors...

  • Sarah Carusona

    Ad Manager

    Few possess the epic skillset combo of creativity, analytics and psychology that dominate in social media. I do.

  • Ben Pang

    Ad Manager

    Born with a M(arketing) and A(utomation) scar on my forehead, I scale your business like magician.

  • Matt Borka

    Ad Manager

    Marketing nerd, outside-the-box strategist and brand visionary with a passion for people.

  • Paola Ramirez

    Ad Manager

    Making things happen to scale your business is my superpower. Your success is my success!

  • Heather Bourque

    Ad Manager

    Analytical by nature but a data fanatic by choice. Passionate about finding solutions to tricky problems and helping your business grow.

  • Will Palmer

    Ad Manager

    Through the power of Facebook ads and traditional marketing practices I can help grow and scale your business to 11.

  • Marianna Raszkowska

    Ad Manager

    The big picture marketer. I thrive in the digital ecosystem and seek logical patterns behind traffic and conversions.

  • Rachel Nelson

    Creative Strategist - Graphic Designer

    Creative strategist helping brands tell their story one pixel at a time… most likely while hanging out with her dogs.

  • Daniel Green

    Creative Strategist - Video Producer

    “Outside-of-the-box” creator with a knack for motion graphics and a just a hint of furniture building.

  • Tom Meredith

    Creative Strategist - Video Producer

    I eat epic Facebook creative strategies for breakfast... but all my other meals are burgers.

  • Tijana Nedeljkovic

    Graphic Designer

    Photographer by occupation, health and biohacking nerd by day, creative visual solver and cat whisperer at night.

  • Timothy Macawili

    Video Producer

    Fueled by passion and cups of coffee.

  • Sasho Nedelkovski

    Video Producer

    Creativity is more then just being different, when nothing is going right, go left. Make it simple, but significant.

  • Zac Romero

    Copy Chief

    I spend my day strategizing, conceptualizing and analyzing your ads to generate a higher ROI for you.

  • Trish Mendoza

    Web Admin/Admin & Creative Team Support

    Jack of all trades... only I actually mastered them too.

  • Corey Niggel


    I take large piles of cash and stack it neatly in rows.

  • Emily Posello

    Accounting Lead

    The wizard behind the curtain... of money and spreadsheets anyway.