Meet the Tier 11 team

  • Ralph Burns


    Taking your business and life all the way to "11". Working to get the very best out of our team to take your business all the way to "11".

  • Deacon Bradley

    VP Operations | Data Processing Officer

    Optimizing everything from business operations to household chores.

  • Angela Ponsford

    Account Director

    Team Nurturer + Data Nerd + Strategy Implementor = Kickass Results For Your Business.

  • Mike Lambert

    Customer Success Manager

    YOUR goals are MY goals... and I always reach my goals. My favorite question is "what can we be doing better?".

  • Vanessa Vega

    Sr. Media Buyer

    I accelerate YOUR business through the Ads Accelerator™.

  • Jenny DuRose

    Sr. Media Buyer

    I scale Facebook ads and brew beer... and I'm all out of beer.

  • Viktoriya Dolomanova

    Media Buyer

    Scientific thinking, creativity, and a passion for data... with a pinch of Russian accent.

  • Rita Ainsworth

    Media Buyer

    Organizing and simplifying things is a passion of mine. And I can scale your account like a badass.

  • Amy Neely

    Ad Manager

    Amy is a Tier11 Media Buyer. She loves juggling the psychology, data, and art of Facebook ads in order to guide businesses to their next level.

  • Kobi Topaz

    Ad Manager

    I'm not afraid of your "wanna" competitors, I'm here to "KO" your goals and scale your business to ELEVEN.

  • Danielle Greason

    Media Buyer

    Turning the dials to maximize results and constantly focused on campaign refinements.

  • Farhan Zaveri

    Ad Manager

    Numbers and uncovering opportunities are my forte. A killer combo to help me scale your business to 11.

  • Vlad Gonzales

    Ad Manager

    The mind behind the Michigan Method™... and some top secret scaling methods I can't tell you about.

  • Jana Gonzales

    Ad Manager

    You can throw any task at me and I’ll get it done with a smile on my face! Including spying on competitors...

  • Zac Romero

    Copy Chief

    I spend my day strategizing, conceptualizing and analyzing your ads to generate a higher ROI for you.

  • Daniel Green

    Creative Strategist - Video Producer

    “Outside-of-the-box” creator with a knack for motion graphics and a just a hint of furniture building.

  • Tom Meredith

    Creative Strategist - Video Producer

    I eat epic Facebook creative strategies for breakfast... but all my other meals are burgers.

  • Sarah Carusona

    Ad Manager

    Few possess the epic skillset combo of creativity, analytics and psychology that dominate in social media. I do.

  • Ben Pang

    Ad Manager

    Born with a M(arketing) and A(utomation) scar on my forehead, I scale your business like magician.

  • Rachel Nelson

    Creative Strategist - Graphic Designer

    Creative strategist helping brands tell their story one pixel at a time… most likely while hanging out with her dogs.

  • Frannie Coggeshall

    Creative Strategist - Copywriter

    I write the words that make your customers click and convert. And I do it from all over the world.

  • Robert Vance

    Reporting & Tracking

    Making sense out of numbers and data... and automating it!

  • Trish Mendoza

    Web Admin/Admin & Creative Team Support

    Jack of all trades... only I actually mastered them too.

  • Corey Niggel


    I take large piles of cash and stack it neatly in rows.

  • Emily Posello

    Accounting Lead

    The wizard behind the curtain... of money and spreadsheets anyway.