ICYMI: Top Blogs from This Quarter to Help You Improve Your Ecommerce Ads


With Quarter 2 of 2023 out of the way, we wanted to highlight some of the top-performing content to help you improve your paid advertising efforts on Meta and Google. 

Top Posts: 

5 Advertising Mistakes That Could Cost You Millions

When it comes to running successful paid advertising campaigns, it makes sense that you want your marketing team to avoid making critical mistakes that could cost your growing company millions of dollars in lost revenue. 

These mistakes may seem basic, yet at Tier 11 we’ve seen brands of all sizes, niches, and industries make them time and time again. So even if you think your advertising campaigns are rock-solid, it pays to take a look at this list and evaluate your marketing funnels objectively. 

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Maximizing Conversions: A Beginner’s Guide to Retargeting with Facebook Ads

No matter what you sell online, you likely know just how important ads are in driving traffic to your landing page, website, or store. But what if buyers aren’t yet ready to take action? That’s where retargeting ads come into play. In this guide, we’ll break down the most common questions brands have about retargeting. We’ll answer questions about retargeting, when it’s right for your business, the audience size you should consider, and some strategies to try. We include quotes from our expert media buying team at Tier 11, cite statistics, and break it all down so you can feel more comfortable and confident with this powerful advertising strategy. 

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5 Examples of Facebook Ads and Why They Worked

We love sharing what works! In this blog post, we share five examples of winning Facebook ads. We also provide a video you can watch to help with coming up with a creative strategy for your ads. 

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Running Successful Meta (FB) Ad Campaigns

“There are some key things that are always good to have in the back of your mind when running ads. This blog is my mental checklist when setting up new Facebook ad campaigns.” – Courtney Livesay, Tier 11 Facebook Media Buyer

Facebook ads are still highly effective for generating traffic and sales for all kinds of businesses. And we don’t just say that because we’re Facebook advertisers – we see it every day in our own business and in the accounts we manage across industries ranging from personal injury attorneys to beauty brands to non-profits. 

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Why Marketing Quits Working: Optimizing Your Marketing Funnel for Ecommerce Success

Many ecommerce leaders are finding that their most reliable go-to strategy–the marketing funnel–has stopped working. The traditional marketing funnel, once a reliable tool, is becoming an antique in the face of rapidly evolving consumer behaviors. In this blog post, we discuss the secret ingredient to making ads and funnels work in the new consumer era.

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Mastering Social Media Integration: Boost Your Marketing Campaign Conversions 

Is organic content marketing a waste of time? Not at all! 

Learn about the powerful relationship between organic social and paid ad performance in this post, plus get tips for turning your business into a content machine. 

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